I confirm. Calvin and Hobbes form a boy to animal type of friendship. Having pets, I can say that my friendship, experienced with them is nothing like one with another human. First there is no speaking, so communication is done in other forms. There are no reproaches, no judgement, no deceit. The relation is just more simple. I think basically they are just happy I give them food,water and shelter. There is also an exchange of tenderness wich is much more physical with animals than humans. Stroking for example, licking(not on my part). A strip actually explicitly talks about this, and evokes the same ideas, after reading it the first time I was like ok, cool. But now after having pets for quite a while I am in total agreement and I understand the strip much better.
Well apart from the fact that Hobbes can speak, their friendship is similar to that. Similar but not the same because Hobbes does have his human moments.
Hobbes is calvin's best friend, but also his only friend. Calvin is Hobbes' best friend but also his only friend. They have each other and that's all that matters. There's innocence and sweetness in their friendship. And that's what's so wonderful!

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